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3 Secrets to Getting an Accurate Brake Repair Estimate

Car trouble is not pleasant for anyone involved. Worse than your car not going anywhere, is your car not stopping when it should. The best care is preventative care, but it’s not always possible to prevent a problem if you don’t see it coming. When confronted with the trials of a broken car knowing how to read your brake repair estimate, and ensuring that you’re not going to be overpaying, can make a huge difference.
Here are 3 tricks to getting a fair and accurate brake repair estimate:

1. Shop Around
Not every mechanic is going to charge the same. They’re likely going to have different part suppliers, with different costs associated with that, and then charge different rates for labor. Before you commit to a mechanic, take your estimate around and see if the competition can best it for you. Some mechanics will actually be able to look at the estimate and tell you what can be waited on, what shouldn’t be waited on, and where you can save a few dollars.

2. Ask Questions
A mechanic that can, and will, explain what everything on the brake repair estimate is and means is usually to be trusted. Ask about every item on the estimate, every line, every dollar amount, where it comes from, where it goes. Every item is subject to question, and don’t shy away from asking, most mechanics are out to see you safely on the road, but there are some others that care more about their bottom lines.

3. Google It
Smart phones and the internet are magnificent things. There are entire websites designed and dedicated to demystifying the brake repair estimates. If you need more clarification to what the items on the estimate, Google will have the answer for you. Yelp, Google, and Facebook reviews can also guide you towards the best mechanic.

The best care is preventative care, so picking a trusted mechanic is an important aspect in the day to day life with you and your vehicle. Don’t blindly trust the first mechanic you find: look at the honest reviews, weigh the costs, pros and cons. Don’t make a rushed decision just because you might be in a rush.