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3 Ways To Find An Honest AC Mechanic

Your car’s air conditioning system is comprised of more than just one part, so if the climate control in your vehicle is having issues, there may be a deeper problem underneath the hood than a simple lack of Freon. Knowing an honest AC mechanic is vital for both personal comfort and the overall longevity of your vehicle, but finding a good AC mechanic can be difficult, especially for those who are not overly familiar with the inner workings of their vehicle. Below are a few ways to tell if an AC mechanic will be honest with you about what your car needs without overcharging for services.

• Look for Certifications
The shop’s office should display that their employees are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE). The mechanics themselves will be wearing ASE patches if a poster isn’t present. These certifications indicate that they are officially approved to work on vehicles and know the right ways to approach various problems.

• Ask for Explanations
A good AC mechanic will explain in laymen’s terms what goes into every line on your invoice, without glossing over details. They may also offer used parts instead of new factory direct parts when they can (although this isn’t always available for every job. Some repairs necessitate new parts in order to work with your system). If you have questions regarding an estimate, you should be able to ask them without being made to feel foolish. Scare tactics and shrug-offs are common among dishonest mechanics, so if you get such a reaction by asking questions, go to another repair shop.

• Do Your Research
A simple Internet search on a business can tell you more about a shop than stopping by. Find out if other customers are satisfied with the work they have had done at a particular local shop, and if you have a good experience, be sure to place a positive review yourself in order to help others find an honest AC mechanic.