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4 Questions to Ask Your Mechanics in San Antonio

When it’s time to take your car in for repairs, there are likely a few things on your mind. First, you’re probably worried about the cost. Will it eat into your budget for the month? Will you get overcharged? Second, you’re probably worried about the state of your vehicle: how safe it is to drive and what its overall outlook looks like. And third, you’re probably worried about timing. How long will it be out of commission? How will you get to and from work in the meantime?

These concerns are normal, and to make sure they’re all addressed, you’ll want to ask your mechanics in San Antonio these four important questions up front – long before you hand over any cash.

  1. Can you evaluate the problem for free? This is crucial. Good mechanics will always evaluate your car free of charge and then offer you an estimate of what needs to be fixed and what it will cost. If they refuse to do this, they’re likely looking for a way to scam you (and charge you way more money than necessary.)
  2. Can you explain the issue? Mechanics should always be able to explain what’s wrong – in layman’s terms – so you know exactly what the issue at hand is. You need to know what you’re paying for, as well as how serious the problems are.
  3. How much will it cost it to fix? Like we said before, always get an estimate first. Agree on a price for the labor, parts, and other services, and make sure you and the mechanics sign it. You don’t want to pick up your car, only to get charged an extra $2,000!
  4. How long will it take? In addition to a price estimate, you’ll also want a time estimate, so you can make ride arrangements or secure a rental car. Be sure to ask the mechanics to call you with occasional updates if it’s a particularly time-consuming repair. You’ll want to know if anything gets off schedule.

When you visit our mechanics in San Antonio, we’ll gladly answer all these questions and more – right from the very beginning. With no hidden fees and no unsavory sales tactics, we can help fix your car quickly, simply, and affordably. Stop by a Brake Works location today.