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4 Signs You Might Need Car Suspension Repair. Brake Works Is Here to Help!

Car suspension repair is the only remedy for many automotive problems that can cause breakdowns — or worse. Be sure to drop by Brake Works if you notice any of the following issues:

1. Your vehicle bouncing, shaking, or swaying when you go over speed bumps or down hills. This is a classic sign that the shocks are almost gone. Not correcting this issue can cause a rough ride or even catastrophic parts failure.
2. A tapping, clacking, or grinding sound when you turn your steering wheel. This is a telltale warning that your struts or upper bearing plate are about to fail. If this happens, then the wheels could literally come off your vehicle while you're driving.
3. Odd tire wear. Normally, tread wears evenly across a tire's surface. But worn or damaged suspension parts can cause uneven wear, low spots, or other unusual issues. Car suspension repair is the only way to remedy these problems before they destroy your tires.
4. The front of the vehicle bottoming out when you brake or when you turn. This is another classic sign that you need car suspension repair.

Suspension issues can lead to more expensive damage or even a wreck if ignored. So, bring your vehicle into Brake Works if you notice any of these problems. Our certified technicians will use the latest equipment to diagnose the issue and give you a free written estimate, so you'll have the facts you need to make an informed decision. We will not perform any repairs without your express authorization.

Brake Works is a family-owned business with a long history of serving the folks in San Antonio and South Texas. Our work is guaranteed, and our rates are lower than you might think. See us today for car suspension repair. Your safety might be riding on it.