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5 Common Types of San Antonio Brake Repair

As providers of San Antonio brake repair, every day is different here at Brake Works. Sometimes we find ourselves doing a full brake replacement on a pick-up truck, and then the next day, we're draining fluid out of a hybrid compact.

Brake repair is as varied and different as the vehicles we see. Here are just five of the many types of San Antonio brake repair you'll find us doing on a daily basis:

1.     Brake pad replacement: When the brake pads, also called the shoes, wear down over time, they make the brakes less effective. In order to ensure the driver's safety, these must be replaced as soon as possible. You'll typically need replacements every 20,000 miles or so.

2.     Brake bleeding: Over the years, air bubbles can get trapped in the brake line, slowing down the brakes or resulting in complete failure altogether. With bleeding, we aim to remove all the air and fluid out of the brake line to give you a clean start.

3.     Light wiring: This is a simple repair, but an important one. When brake lights go out, they're not only dangerous to you and others on the road, they also make you liable to getting pulled over. Make sure to check your lights regularly, especially before driving at night.

4.     Brake relining: You'll typically need to replace the friction pads a handful of times over the years you own your car. When these wear down, they cause loud screeching and squealing when you stop quickly. It's a fast and fairly affordable fix, so drivers shouldn't put it off if it's needed.

5.     Line, cylinder, or full brake replacement: When more serious issues are at work, the brake line, master cylinder, or all the brakes may need to be replaced completely. If your mechanic suggests the latter, be sure to get a second opinion before diving in.

Think your car is in need of brake servicing? Then come to Brake Works, the experts in San Antonio brake repair. Our team is here to help.