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6 Services All Brake Service Shops Should Offer

Though brake service shops should certainly be knowledgeable and experienced in the ways of brake repair and maintenance, they shouldn’t stop there. A truly effective shop will offer more than that. After all, how often do you need just one issue fixed? There are usually multiple problems that need addressing, and you probably don't have time to drive from shop to shop to get everything fixed.

The best brake service shops will offer a plethora of comprehensive services, including:

1.     Brake repair and troubleshooting: First and foremost, they should be able to troubleshoot any brake issues you’re having, recommend the appropriate repair, and make that repair on-site.

2.     Preventative maintenance: They should also help you maintain your brakes and brake pads, as well as prevent future problems from occurring within the system.

3.     Suspension help: Brake problems often go hand and hand with suspension problems, so a good shop will also offer alignment, steering, and suspension services to their customers.

4.     AC repairs: In Texas, going without AC in your vehicle simply isn’t an option. As an added convenience for customers, all brake shops should offer AC repair.

5.     Muffler and exhaust repairs: Exhaust and muffler problems tend to be common, especially as cars begin to age. A good brake shop will easily be able to address these issues, and offer affordable repairs for them.

6.     General repairs: To truly be a comprehensive solution for customers, brake shops should also offer a variety of other services designed to address common engine, fuel system, and electrical problems.

Are you tried of brake service shops offering only brake help? Don’t have time to drive from shop to shop? Come to Brake Works today. We offer a variety of comprehensive services, including brake repair, exhaust repair, preventative maintenance, and more. Call us today to schedule your appointment.