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6 Signs That Your Vehicle Needs San Antonio Auto AC Repair

AC servicing is one of the common auto repairs performed during the Texas summer, but it isn’t always easy to know when you need a San Antonio auto AC repair for your vehicle. Below is a list of six things to look for to know when you need to take your car in to have its air conditioning system serviced.


1.     Low refrigerant – AC refrigerant diminishes by about 15 percent every year, and if the level isn’t sufficient, your unit may start producing less cold air. Check the reservoir to know when it’s time to go in for a San Antonio auto AC repair or service.


2.     Mold and mildew – When your AC system goes without use for a while (such as during winter months), mold, mildew, and bacteria can build up in the unit and affect your AC’s ability to function. They can also grow behind your dashboard and pollute your car’s air.


3.     Soiled condensers – If dirt or debris blocks up your condenser line, air won’t be able to flow through and get cool. The result will be low air pressure and lukewarm temperatures.


4.     Mechanical problems – Any of your air conditioning system’s mechanical parts can malfunction, including the compressor, the pressure switches, and the valves. These can inhibit your unit’s cooling ability or stop it from working altogether.


5.     Broken fans – If the cooling fans on your condenser stop working, you’ll start to get lukewarm air that will not get colder, regardless of how much you run your unit.


6.     Leaks – Holes or leaks in any of the unit’s valves, hoses, or pipes can decrease pressure and cause your AC system to stop working completely.


If you think your car may be experiencing any of these issues, book your San Antonio auto AC repair today before the problem gets worse and costs you more, and to make sure you and your passengers stay comfortable in the hot weather. Contact the San Antonio auto AC repair experts at Brake Works today to get started.