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7 Signs You Need San Antonio Car AC Repair

A vehicle with air conditioning isn’t a luxury in Texas; it’s a necessity if you want the summer months to be bearable. To stop high temperatures from posing a threat to the health of you and your passengers, it is important to have an efficient, functional AC system in your car, but not all drivers know how to recognize the signs that indicate they need San Antonio car AC repair. If you aren’t sure how to tell when to go to your local mechanic to have your AC system serviced, check out the following seven signs that your vehicles requires the attention of a San Antonio car AC repair mechanic:

1. The air coming out of your vents smells funny. Be particularly aware of moldy or mildew-like smells.
2. The AC system or its components make loud or unusual noises.
3. You notice a lot of leakage under your car after the AC has been running. A bright green leak is particularly important to watch for. If you see this, contact a mechanic immediately.
4. The air that is emitted from the vents is warmer than it used to be or is no longer colder than the outside air.
5. You hear a clicking sound when the AC is turned on.
6. Your defroster no longer works on the front or back windshield.
7. There is water leaking onto the floor of the passenger seat.

If you notice any of these signs in your vehicle, schedule an appointment with a San Antonio car AC repair professional at Brake Works as soon as possible. A broken AC system can lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion, and other health issues quickly during Texas summers, so come to Brake Works today to get your vehicle’s air conditioning system back in proper working order.