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3 Rack and Pinion Problems: (And How To Diagnose Them)

3 of the most common rack and pinion problems and how to diagnose them fast. Learn about the tools you’ll need and what it’ll cost.

15 Tips to Find a Trustworthy Mechanic (You Must Know #7)

Finding a trustworthy mechanic is not easy. We break down the most common ways of identifying a trustworthy repair shop. Number 7 is a must know!

Steering Wheel Vibrates When Braking? The Cause Might Surprise You

Steering wheel vibrates when braking? Learn about the top 3 causes of this problem. Number 2 might surprise you the most.

3 Signs You Might Need Car Brake Service

If you’re hearing squeaking or growling when you brake, it’s time to bring your vehicle to a car brake service company, such as Brake Works.

The Two Main Types of Car Steering Problems

Car steering problems are dangerous if not taken care of soon. Here’s how to prevent them – and take care of them if its too problematic.

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