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About Front Brake Shoes

Having the ability to stop your vehicle isn’t a luxury; a car with no brakes is about as useless as a car without an engine.  Keeping your braking system in working order is one of the most important facets of vehicle maintenance. Brakes aren’t just one solid piece- they are a fascinating system of cooperating components. Front brake shoes are one of many parts that stop the forward motion of a vehicle.

Front brake shoes are the pieces of the system that provide the friction to stop your wheels from rolling. The shoes themselves are the solid metal bits that do the actual stopping. They are coated with a heat-resistant, durable lining to prevent metal from scraping on metal. The coating is normally referred to as a brake pad or a brake lining. Since brake pads tend to be cheaper to replace than the whole shoe itself, it’s always a good idea to get them checked regularly by a professional to prevent unnecessary damage.

Front brake shoes tend to undergo the most wear and tear over time on cars and trucks with drum brakes. If you have an older vehicle, or a new one with many miles under its belt, your front brake shoes might be in poor condition. The lining makes the contact, but the metal part underneath it can get worn down over time and with use. When ignored or badly repaired, this inhibits your vehicle’s ability to stop. When this happens, new front brake shoes can add years to your vehicle’s life.

As a driver, you don’t need to study every last pin and line to get from point A to B in one piece. That’s what the pros at Brake Works are for! Stop by whenever you experience trouble with your brakes, and we’ll determine if the problem lies in the front brake shoes, brake pads, or the lines themselves. We’ll offer advice on how to get you driving again (and braking) safely and quickly at an affordable price.