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Car Brake Replacement vs. Repair: Which Do You Need?

Cost-wise, there's a big difference between car brake replacement and brake repair. Simple repairs could cost you only a couple hundred bucks and be finished within the hour. Full brake replacement? Well, that will cost a pretty penny, not to mention a longer time in the shop.

So before you take your mechanic's word for it that your brakes need replacing, make sure it's absolutely the right decision for your vehicle. Here are some tips to determine if car brake replacement or repair is the better option for your car:

·      Get a second opinion. Always take your vehicle to a second shop before you decide to do something as serious as a brake replacement. First, you want to make sure it's actually necessary for your car – that the mechanic isn't just trying to make more money off you. Second, you also want to ensure you're getting the best deal. Get an estimate from both mechanics you visit, and opt for the one with the most affordable rates and trustworthy demeanor.

·      Think about your driving habits. When is the last time you had your brakes serviced? Do you drive long distances daily or weekly, or only sporadically? The more use your car gets, the more likely the brakes will wear down. If you're having brake problems, but your vehicle only gets driven every so often, it's more likely an issue with the brake pads or some other small repair.

·      Listen to your car. When you brake, what do you hear? Is there screeching or squealing? Do you hear a scraping noise? Squealing, scraping, and rattling typically point to a brake pad issue, while a grinding noise usually means your actual brakes are worn and require replacing.

Not sure if you need car brake replacement or simple brake repair? Bring your vehicle into Brake Works today. Our expert mechanics can help you make the right decision for your car.