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Common Rack And Pinion Problems To Watch For

The rack and pinion steering system is one of the most commonly used steering systems in cars today, and while it is a fairly safe and durable setup, it will often start to show wear and tear as a vehicle approaches 100K miles. Being aware of the potential rack and pinion problems that can occur will help you catch dangerous steering issues before they become a threat to you and your passengers. If your car is nearing the 100,000-mile mark, watch out for these three common rack and pinion problems:

1. Morning sickness – Morning sickness refers to steering problems that occur first thing in the morning. If the steering feels stiff or immovable when you first get into the car and then starts to work more smoothly as the vehicle warms up, you may have rack and pinion problems.

2. Contamination – Contamination is when some other substance has tainted your steering fluid. This typically occurs if your steering pump is about to fail, if your hoses are deteriorating, or if there is moisture in the steering column.

3. Center wear – Center wear occurs when the area between the rack and pinion gears gets worn down. This can cause your steering to wander so that when you drive straight, the vehicle starts to veer off to one side of the road or the other. If this is an issue in your vehicle, you may be dealing with rack and pinion problems

These issues could pose a danger to you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road, so if you think your car has any of the rack and pinion problems discussed above, seek the help of a qualified mechanic as soon as possible. Come by Brake Works or call us to schedule an appointment today. One of our expert mechanics will evaluate your issue and recommend an affordable solution.