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Common Wheel Alignment Issues

Driving around with wheel alignment issues is never a good idea. While most wheel alignment issues are fairly mild in the early stages, they can worsen and cause bigger problems than awkward steering and strange noises. Having your wheels aligned is a yearly maintenance task that keeps your car running in peak condition.

When your wheels are properly aligned, your tires obey your steering wheel perfectly. This cuts down on wear and tear to the tires themselves and helps improve your gas mileage. Knowing how to identify when you are having wheel alignment issues helps your mechanic set things straight.

The most common sign of alignment problems is often referred to as ‘passive steering’ or ‘drifting.’ This issue is easy to discover. When you’re driving, put your steering wheel in the straight position. If your vehicle veers to the left or right without you touching the wheel, it is time to stop by Brake Works for an alignment. Driving around like this isn’t terrible at first, but it can become dangerous if left alone. You need your wheels to respond to steering for safe driving.

You can also check the wear on your tire treads. This is easy to do while you wait at the gas pump. Just take a look at your tires. Is one side of the car showing more wear than the other? If so, you may have wheel alignment issues.

Squealing or vibrating tires are another sign of wheel alignment issues. These unpleasant sound effects are caused by the wheels rubbing up against something that they should not. The vibration tends to occur when you slow down or speed up. Squealing is most common on uneven roads. Both effects are good indicators that it’s time to have your wheel alignment issues repaired quickly.

Having your car’s alignment checked yearly is the only way to avoid coming across wheel alignment issues. Since these issues crop up over time, you may have become used to your car’s particular wheel alignment issues. You’ll be amazed how much better it feels to drive without these concerns. Stop by Brake Works any time you notice problems to keep your car running in top shape.