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Dealing With Steering Rack Problems? Brake Works Can Help!

Steering rack problems can show up in all kinds of ways, from your steering wheel vibrating to fluid leaking underneath your vehicle. Whatever the issue, the solution is usually the same, and a trip to Brake Works will get you back on the road soon.

Here are a few common steering rack problems to be aware of:

An unusually tight or hard-to-turn steering wheel. Modern vehicles use hydraulic systems to make the vehicle easier to turn. When these systems begin to break down, one of the first problems is hard or unusual steering. Left alone, this problem can cause safety hazards or even breakdowns.
• Grinding or cracking noises when steering. This can indicate poor lubrication in the steering gearbox or imminent failure of the entire steering system. Either way, the problem requires immediate attention, for both your safety and that of other drivers.
A burning smell when trying to steer the vehicle. The most common cause of this problem is low or leaking steering fluid. Left unrepaired, the result can be vehicle fires or catastrophic damage to your steering and suspension system.
Unexplained fluid leaks when your car is parked. Low fluid levels are common causes of steering rack problems and ultimately lead back to worn or damaged seals in the system. Adding steering fluid can sometimes help in the short term, but long-term damage is certain without timely repairs.
“Give” or “play” in the tire when you turn the steering wheel. For example, if your car seems to sway back and forth when you’re trying to drive straight, then steering rack problems are almost certainly to blame. This is an extremely dangerous issue that requires immediate attention.

Don’t gamble with steering rack problems. The potential consequences are far too serious. Bring your vehicle into Brake Works instead. Our techs will locate and correct the problem, getting you safely back on the road in less time. Our rates are competitive and our results are guaranteed.