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Good Reasons to Choose Local Car Repair

When your car starts making noises, there is nothing more comforting than being able to say “I know a guy.” Choosing local car repair is a good idea for more than just the financial benefits that smaller businesses tend to offer. Whether you need an oil change, an engine flush or post-accident damage control, the fine professionals in local car repair have you covered.

The mechanics at local car repair shops tend to stay at one shop longer. This allows them to build better relationships with both customers and their vehicles, making for better customer service from start to finish. Local car repair places don’t suffer from the pressure to dishonestly up-sell or repeat the same tagline to every driver that walks in. Instead, they get to know you and become a good family acquaintance and a trusted source of mechanical knowledge.

When the same team changes your oil every 3-6 months, they get a working idea of your engine’s particular personality and may be able to notice something before it goes wrong. Preventative maintenance costs are much, much less of a burden than the consequences from an unknown problem causing larger-scale damage. 

If something big does go wrong, a local car repair shop is more likely to get you rolling quickly without breaking the bank. Firstly, local means less tow mileage in the worst-case scenario. Secondly, local car repair shops care enough to offer you loaner vehicles or a ride to your destination if a breakdown occurs. The fickle nature of combustible engines doesn’t need to throw off your entire day. It’s a big bonus if the shop’s team knows your car’s history from performing its past repairs and oil changes. The time needed for research is reduced immensely, and they can get to the heart of the issue faster. While your favorite mechanic might not have expertise on every area of your vehicle, they can refer you to ‘their guys for that thing’ without fear of losing your business. The team at Brake Works cares about you and your ride—whether you drive a beloved money-pit junker or a brand-spanking-new object of adoration. Call us for big repairs or basic maintenance and see for yourself the difference that local car repair can make in your life.