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How A Free Brake Inspection Can Prevent Safety Issues

Properly working brakes are the most important safety feature on any vehicle, and being unable to quickly bring your car to a stop is both dangerous and frightening. Don’t let your vehicle get to the point of brake failure; instead, bring it to Brake Works for a free brake inspection to ensure that this vital system is in good shape.

Daily wear and tear on your brakes makes them deteriorate slowly, so you may become accustomed to your car’s less effective braking system over time and not notice that it needs a service. Driving around with failing brakes can lead to a dangerous driving experience and expensive repairs if they cause an accident, however, so it is important to be alert to the signs that you need a brake service performed. Worn brake pads don’t get better, and will eventually become so thin that they can no longer do their job and force the calipers to bear the brunt of the friction. A free brake inspection will highlight any safety issues that could lead to an accident.

In some cases, your car will alert you to issues within the brake system. A loose or spongy-feeling pedal, grinding or squealing noises when you stop, and needing more distance to come to a complete stop are a few signs that your brake system is due for an inspection. If you notice anything strange or different about your brakes, bring your car in for a free brake inspection as soon as possible.

Even if nothing appears to be wrong, it’s a good idea to have a free brake inspection performed at least once a year. There may be minor problems that can be easily dealt with before any large issues arise, and maintenance is almost always more affordable than repairs. Your mechanic will check every component of your system for wear and tear, and then point out any issues that you may experience in the future. The experts at Brake Works are familiar with every component of your car’s brake system, and we will explain every detail of our suggested repairs before performing any work. Stop by today for a free brake inspection to keep your vehicle’s system in top condition.