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How Often Should You Get San Antonio Brake Service?

When it comes to your car’s brakes, there’s a great deal of maintenance to be done. There are fluids to change out and refill, pads to replace, and many other tasks that are crucial to your vehicle’s function and your safety. The best way to ensure all these tasks get completed – and in a timely manner – is to schedule regular San Antonio brake service appointments with your local Brake Works mechanic.

But when exactly should you schedule these? And how often do you need to go back? Here are the general guidelines you’ll want to follow:

  • Get a brake inspection every 10,000 miles – After about every 10,000 miles driven, you’ll want to get the entire brake system checked out by an experienced mechanic. They’ll check the pads, shoes, fluids, and more, and they’ll even test out the brakes on a short drive around the block. If anything is amiss, they’ll recommend the proper fix right away, before it ruins your system or puts you in danger.
  • Get it checked annually – If you don’t drive much (i.e., you don’t hit the 10,000-mile mark in a year), you’ll still want to get your brakes checked annually. Brakes can wear down easily, and if they’re sitting static in rain or humidity, they can get quite rusty. It’s important to make sure they’re always in top-notch condition.
  • Take it in when anything changes Suddenly hearing squeaking or squealing when you stop? Feel a little tension when you push on the brake? Notice a funny smell? Take your car in ASAP for a quick inspection. Any issue with the braking system can put you and others on the road in grave danger.

Want to make sure your brake system is in prime condition? Schedule a San Antonio brake service appointment at Brake Works today. Our expert brake mechanics are here to help.