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How to Fix Squeaky Brakes Without Breaking the Bank

Noisy brakes can be worrisome. Not only does the constant squealing and squeaking have you thinking the worst, it also has you fretting about the cost it is going to take to repair. Can you DIY it? Will you have to go to the dealer and get your entire system replaced? Will it cost thousands and thousands of dollars?

Fortunately, it is possible to fix squeaky brakes without digging into the depths of your pocketbook. Next time you are having issues with your brakes, simply follow these tips:

  • Clean the brake pads – Many times, dust or rust build-up on the brake pads can cause squeaking and squealing noises. If you can clean them up and knock off the rust, it will often solve your issue. A great place to start? Grab a pressure washer, and spray the whole area thoroughly.
  • Talk to a brake expert If cleaning the pads does not do the trick, take the car to a brake expert. They may recommend changing out the pads, the pistons, or another part of the system to fix the issue. And if they do, that is not something you want to take on yourself.
  • Buy your own parts If you really want to save cash, ask your mechanic what parts you will need for the repairs, and purchase them yourself. Auto part stores and hardware stores will usually charge a lower cost than your mechanic would, or you can even see if any local body shops have some spare parts you can purchase for cheap.

Want to fix squeaky brakes affordably? Then come to a Brake Works location in San Antonio today. Our brake experts can diagnose the issue quickly, provide you an honest and fair (and free) quote, and help get your car back to proper order in no time.