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How to Know If You Need San Antonio Car Suspension Repair

Your car’s suspension system is crucial to its function. This includes the tires, the shocks, the springs, and even the links that connect one wheel to another, and so when it’s out of whack or not properly cared for, it can have devastating effects on the vehicle and the safety of those inside it.

Sadly, few car owners know much about this system, and they’re even less aware of when it’s off or if it needs repair. To help, we’ve gathered up the most common signs of suspension problems. If you spot any of these on your own vehicle, it’s time to come in for San Antonio car suspension repair as soon as possible:

  • Drifting and pulling If you feel the car drift or pull when you’re turning, it means the shocks aren’t keeping it stable anymore. They’ve likely worn down, and if not replaced quickly, they could cause a rollover if you turn too quickly.
  • Dipping during stops When you stop, it should be smooth and slow. If you feel the car lurch forward, or dip or dive downward when you stop, consider it a sign that it's time to take your car to the shop.
  • Uneven treads In a car with a well-tuned suspension system, the tires should have the same level of tread and wear. If the tires aren’t worn properly or you notice multiple balding spots, your suspension isn’t doing its job and needs servicing by a qualified mechanic.
  • Rough ride You shouldn’t feel every bump and dip in the road when you drive. If you do, that’s a big red flag that your suspension needs some work. The rougher the ride, the worse the system likely is.

Have you spotted any of these signs on your vehicle? If so, it may be time for San Antonio car suspension repair. Come to a Brake Works location and get your suspension fully evaluated by one of our experienced mechanics today.