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How to Recognize Steering Rack Problems

The steering rack is a crucial part of your vehicle that allows your steering wheel to control the direction and angle of your tires so that you can turn, move, and drive safely. Because of this, it’s crucial that you know how to recognize steering rack problems as soon as they develop so that you can avoid dangerous situations for yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road.

Do You Have Steering Rack Problems?
It is important to be able to recognize steering rack problems as quickly as possible. If you aren’t sure what to look for, check out the following common signs that your system might need repairs:

A loose feeling in the steering wheel – Steering rack problems typically cause the steering wheel to have a loose feel, as though you can’t quite control your direction and angle as well as you used to. If you take your hands off the wheel and the vehicle starts to drift one way or the other, this is a definite sign of steering rack issues.

Clunking or knocking noises – Loud thumping, knocking, or clunking noises typically indicate a loose rack system that needs to be tended to immediately. If you start hearing these sounds coming from the front of your car, get to a mechanic.

Uneven tire wear – Your tires should wear down fairly evenly, so if you see one side more worn down than the other, it could mean you have problems with your steering rack. Tires that wear more on the inside or outside can also indicate a steering rack issue.

Problems with the steering rack and column are serious and must be fixed immediately, so if you suspect you may have issues with your steering rack, schedule an appointment at Brake Works today. We’ll get your vehicle back in safe working order quickly and affordably.