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In Need of Muffler Repairs? Don’t Wait!

If you suspect your car may need muffler repairs, you should never put it off. Muffler problems can be quite serious, putting you (and everyone else on the road) in grave danger. They could even leak hazardous carbon monoxide into the vehicle. It is vital that you get potential muffler issues checked out by an experienced mechanic as soon as possible.

Don't know how to spot muffler problems? Think you may need muffler repairs, but aren’t quite sure? Here are the most obvious signs:

  • A loud noise coming from the exhaust – Does your exhaust pipe cough and sputter any time you turn on the car? Does it roar when you speed up on the highway? These are symptoms of a problematic muffler, and you’ll definitely want to get it checked out.
  • A bad, foul smell Is there a bad smell coming from the back or underside of the car? This is a huge red flag, usually pointing to a carbon monoxide leak in your exhaust. It’s time to get it to a local repair shop ASAP – before you put yourself or anyone else in further danger.
  • Declining fuel efficiency Did you used to get 30 miles per gallon, but now you are only getting a mere 25? Find yourself filling up more often? Though there are many issues that could cause this decrease in fuel efficiency, many times, it’s the muffler to blame. You should get it looked at before it begins to cost you at the pump!

If your car starts exhibiting any of these signs, bring it into a San Antonio Brake Works location as soon as possible for muffler repairs. Our experienced mechanics can diagnose the problem and get your car back to safe, proper working order. Stop by today to learn more or to get started.