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Local Car Repair Shops That Won’t Break The Bank

If your first concern when something goes wrong with your vehicle is your bank account, look into the less expensive options offered by local car repair shops. Going local has great benefits over bigger shops for many reasons, many of which relate directly to your wallet. Whether your vehicle require a small fix or a big repair, choose a local car repair shop to get rolling faster without taking on a big financial burden.

Having a vehicle in the shop is inconvenient and costly for more reasons than the repair bill alone. The lack of reliable transportation can interfere with your job, and you could miss work hours or have to pay for an expensive rental car. If you go with a local car repair shop like Brake Works, you’ll be offered a loaner vehicle or a complimentary ride to work from our shop.

Local car repair shops often charge significantly lower rates than dealerships and large chains. Our prices are determined by the parts we need and how long it will take us to perform the repair, not by a flat rate dictated by managers looking to make big profits for their corporations. The mechanics at local car repair shops also tend to stay with one company for longer periods of time and get to know the customers and their vehicles, so it is possible that a local car repair shop can perform a more thorough repair than you might get at a larger shop. If the mechanics knows your car, they need to spend less time finding the problem, and if they know you on a first-name basis, they are more likely to want to make you happy and keep you as a repeat customer.

Trust the mechanics at your local car repair shop for all your automotive needs, with better service at a lower cost. Brake Works has been repairing the community’s cars for over 25 years. We offer seasonal promotions to prepare your car for whatever issues the weather might produce, and our rates for repairs both large and small are lower than those at most chains. Stop by or give us a call before you fret over the high costs of restoring your vehicle to a safe condition.