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Looking for Mechanic Shops in San Antonio? Visit One of Our Locations!

Are you tired of looking for mechanic shops in San Antonio? Consider Brake Works! We have two locations for your convenience: at 13603 San Pedro Avenue and at 14950 Nacogdoches Avenue. Both shops offer superior service at great rates for our valued customers.
Choosing mechanic shops in San Antonio is a big decision. Here are a few tips for picking one that will give you the star treatment you deserve:


* Look for a well-established garage with roots in your community. This means they have a vested interest in your satisfaction.

* Give the service bay a close look-over to make sure it's neat and orderly. No garage is spotless, of course. But avoid a location where tools and parts are scattered about in a haphazard fashion and workers show no pride in their appearance. Those are huge red flags.

* Call the shop to find out how they greet potential customers. You should hear a professional voice on the other end announcing the name of the business and offering to assist you. If the only response you get is, “Hello?” or, “Yeah?” then it's best to keep looking.

* Make sure the mechanic shops in San Antonio you're considering have hours that are convenient to your schedule — within reason, of course. Pressing vehicle needs may require you to rework your schedule for a day or two. But beware any location that wants you to rearrange your life to meet their priorities.

* Ask the representative if they provide free written estimates. This is essential for weeding out shady operators. Any reputable mechanic shops in San Antonio will tell you up front what the repair will cost, with perhaps a 10 percent allowance for minor added fees.

Remember these handy tips when looking for mechanic shops in San Antonio. And please keep Brake Works in mind for all your repair needs. We can help your vehicle run safer and longer for less than you might think.