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Our Suspension Specialists Are Here to Help

As experienced suspension specialists, the technicians at Brake Works have the tools and know-how to correct all types of mechanical trouble.  So, if your vehicle is having any of the following problems, then come see us right away:

·      Shaking or shuddering when you turn the steering wheel.  This can be caused by unbalanced tires or by worn steering components.

·      A “bottoming out” feeling when you go over bumps or into dips in the road.  This can be a sign of bad shock absorbers.

·      A tendency to pull to the left or right when driving at highway speeds.  This is the most common sign of wheel misalignment.

·      Hard-to-turn or “sticky” steering wheel.  This can be caused by worn steering components, a malfunctioning power steering pump, or other issues.

·      A “thudding” sound that seems to be coming from one of the wheels.  This can be caused by unbalanced tires.

·      Strange, uneven, or excessive tire tread wear.  Potential causes include unbalanced tires and worn suspension components.

·      A constant scraping or grinding sound that goes away when you come to a stop.  This is a common sign of worn ball joints.

·      A constant shuddering or knocking whenever you drive.  This can be a sign of many problems, including frame damage.   This is especially true if your car has been in a wreck.

How We Diagnose Suspension Problems

There are many ways we can determine the underlying issues your vehicle is having.  These may include:

·      Running diagnostic computer tests.

·      Visually inspecting steering or suspension components.

·      Taking the vehicle for a test drive to directly experience the problem.

Don’t Put It Off

Suspension and steering issues can have serious results if not corrected right away.  Consequences may include:

·      Uncomfortable driving, due to shaking or shuddering.

·      Financial expenses, like having to replace ruined tires.

·      Safety hazards due to lessened vehicle control.

So don’t take chances with mechanical trouble.  Come see our suspension specialists as soon as you notice problems.  The payoffs will include safe driving and a smooth-running, reliable vehicle.