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Proper Maintenance of Your Vehicle Can Prevent Car Brake Repairs

Car brake repairs can range anywhere from very minor and inexpensive to major overhauls that run you thousands of dollars. Wouldn't it be nice to prevent having to get those repairs at all?

With the proper maintenance schedule, you can.

Getting your car on a proper maintenance schedule—both for your brakes and for the entire vehicle itself—is a crucial step in preventing repairs. It can also save you money, prolong the life of your car, and ensure your safety behind the wheel.

Do you want to prevent future car brake repairs? Then heed these simple maintenance tips:

·      Check the brake fluid – The proper amount of brake fluid is crucial if you want your braking system to work properly. Make sure the fluid goes all the way up to the fill line, and take a look at the color, as well. A milky color means condensation has gotten in, so you'll want to drain and fill it with fresh fluid before starting the car again.

·      Inspect your pads and rotors – Get under the car, and take a look at the brake pads and rotors. Are the pads thinning or worn down? Do the rotors have any grooves in them? If so, it may be time to replace one or both of these parts.

·      Keep the system clean – Take time to clean your tires, the brake pads, rotors, and other parts of the system on a regular basis. This will prevent dirt and grime from building up, which could affect its ability to function.

·      Get on a schedule – You should check your brake fluid, cables, and pads every 10,000 miles, and your fluid should be drained and swapped out every 20,000—unless the fluid is contaminated, then do it as soon as possible. Make sure to call your mechanic any time one of these milestones rolls around. Like an oil change, it's crucial to your car's function and your safety as a driver.

Want a sure-fire way to prevent car brake repairs on your vehicle? Bring it into Brake Works today, and we'll provide the maintenance help you need.