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San Antonio Auto AC Repair: The 4 Most Common Issues

As providers of San Antonio auto AC repair for many years now, we've seen our fair share of AC problems. Some have been minor, others major, and still more that we see virtually every day.

Think AC problems might be plaguing your vehicle? Here are the four most common AC issues we see at Brake Works:

1.     Low refrigerant levels Refrigerant is what allows your AC to cool the air flowing out of your interior vents, and this fluid tends to decrease by 15 percent every year. Low refrigerant levels are often the root of many car AC problems. Fortunately, it's a very quick (and inexpensive) fix.

2.     Soiled condenser lines – Your condenser cools the air that exits the compressor, and plays a crucial role in your vehicle's AC system. Often, this component can get blocked up with dirt, debris, or dust, thus effecting the AC's air flow and cooling abilities. Many times, this may just need to be cleaned up. In cases of extreme blockage, the condenser may need replacement.

3.     Mechanical problems There are dozens of mechanical issues that can go wrong in a vehicle's AC system, and as premier San Antonio auto AC repair providers, we've seen them all. We've helped customers with everything from a malfunctioning compressor or clutch to failing pressure switches, valves, and more. These, of course, can all be fixed, with the exact solution depending on the specific issues at work.

4.     Leakage – Leaks are a very common issue in car ACs. If a leak occurs in any component of the system, it can cause cold air to be lost and the entire system to work less efficiently. If your AC is still cooling, but not cooling like it used to, a leak in the hoses, seals, valves, evaporator, or condenser could be the issue. The leaking part will need to be replaced.

If you think any of these problems may be at work in your vehicle, stop by Brake Works today. We've been providing San Antonio auto AC repair for many years, and we can help you, too.