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San Antonio Car AC Repair: Not Just a Summertime Problem

Though you certainly need your car’s AC more during the hot Texas summers, that doesn’t mean AC problems can only plague you in the warmer months. In fact, there are plenty of reasons you may need San Antonio car AC repair – even in the winter!

Are you one of the many who thinks AC repairs are a summers-only issue? Think again. Here are just a few of the reasons you could need San Antonio car AC repair any time of year:

Texas weather is unpredictable – Sure it might be December, but does that mean the temperatures have fallen below 80? Not in Texas! A hot, balmy Christmas Day isn’t uncommon here in the south. You still want to be comfortable and cool in your car, right? For this reason, your car’s AC is just as important in the winter as it is in the hottest days of summer.

AC helps de-fog your window – When condensation hit your window, it can fog up and make visibility difficult. This is especially common in winter, when the inside of your car is warm, but the outside air is chilly. By turning on your car’s AC, you can help balance out these temperatures, and de-fog your window faster.

You need to keep your system moving – The longer you let parts of your car sit idle, the less efficiently they’re going to work the next time you use them. If you want your car’s AC system working well in the summer, then you need to run it a few times in the winter, too.

Running the AC keeps bacteria out – If you don’t use your AC regularly, bacteria and mold can build up in the system. Once you turn that air on in a few months, it will be tainted with all these germs, and it could even get you sick or cause allergies. Keep your AC circulating even in the winter if you want to prevent this.
Your vehicle’s AC system should be used year-round, not just in the summer months. If you have AC problems this winter, come to Brake Works, the experts in San Antonio car AC repair.