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San Antonio Car Air Condition Service: The 411 on Recirculate Buttons

You’ve probably seen the recirculate button on your car’s dashboard before: it’s the one that has a little circular or C-shaped arrow in an outline of your vehicle. But do you actually know what it is? More importantly, do you know why it’s important to get it fixed ASAP if it’s gone awry? Our San Antonio car air conditioner service techs are here to break it down.

What Is the Recirculate Button?

This little button is simple. Instead of telling your AC to take air from the outside, cool it, and circulate it through your vehicle, the recirculate button forces it to take air that’s already inside the car. Since this air has already been cooled by your AC unit, it puts less pressure on your air conditioning system and allows your car to cool down more quickly and efficiently.

Why Get It Fixed?

It might seem minor if your recirculate button is no longer working, but in reality, it’s actually a pretty big deal. For one, if your recirculate button is failing, your AC will have to work much harder to keep your car cool, especially if it’s the heat of summer. This added work for your AC system can cause it to wear down more quickly, meaning you’ll need repairs and replacements more often (and they’ll probably be more expensive!).

The other big reason a failing recirculate button should be fixed ASAP is that it’s simply uncomfortable. When working, recirculating can cool your car in just a matter of seconds. When it’s out and your car is forced to take in hot air from the outdoors, it can take minutes — and those minutes can be pretty uncomfortable, depending on the weather.

How’s Your Recirculate Button Working?

If you think your recirculate button may be out, come to Brake Works today for our expert San Antonio car air conditioner service. We’ll get it fixed right away, so you can enjoy a comfortable drive no matter what season it is.