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Searching for Mechanics in San Antonio? Beware These Common Traps

Searching for mechanics in San Antonio isn’t always as easy as a quick Google search or a flip through the phonebook – not if you want a good experience, at least. If you want to ensure your vehicle – and your money – are in the right hands, you need to be savvy about the situation in general.

Specifically, you should be aware of a few all-too-common traps that many dishonest mechanics in San Antonio will try to lure you into. Traps like:

·      The “you also need this” trap: Have you ever taken your car in for one thing, only to hear that it also needs a laundry list of other fixes? That’s a common trap, devised to get more money out of your transaction. While there is a chance you do need some of those repairs, it’s usually not best to go forward unless you really trust your mechanic or after a second opinion.

·      The “you don’t know what you’re talking about” trap: This is when a mechanic assumes you don’t know the first thing about cars or the repairs that your vehicle requires. So they’ll hike up the price and recommend unnecessary fixes. After all, how would you know? To prevent this, don’t be afraid to call up local supply shops to get quotes for parts. You can also seek out a second opinion. If the two aren’t measuring up, find a new mechanic.

·      The “after the fact” trap: When you leave your vehicle with a mechanic, simply expecting them to evaluate it and troubleshoot the issues you’re having, you might get a call back hours later, saying they’ve found – and already fixed – the issue. At this point, it’s too late for you to approve (or negotiate) costs, and you’re stuck paying whatever they ask for. If possible, stay on-site while a mechanic is determining the issue, and always be sure to get a written or oral quote before letting any work commence.

Next time you’re looking for mechanics in San Antonio, be wary of falling into these common traps. Instead, call Brake Works. Our expert technicians can help address any issue your vehicle may be having, and they’ll do it honestly, affordably, and quickly. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.