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Sounds That Mean You Need San Antonio Brake Repair

One of the easiest ways to tell whether something is amiss with your car is to listen to it, and this is especially true when dealing with brakes. Squealing, rattling, and other odd sounds coming from the brake area typically means that there is a problem, so to protect yourself and those on the road around you, seek San Antonio brake repair as soon as possible. Call a San Antonio brake repair expert if your brakes are making any of the following unusual sounds:

Squealing – Squealing is a common sound that usually indicates dust or debris on your brake pads or that the brake pads are worn down. Get your pads cleaned or replaced to fix the issue.

Scraping – A scraping sound may indicate that something is lodged in between the pad and rotor, or that your rotor may be rubbing against a foreign body. Consult the help of a mechanic as soon as possible to determine the cause.

Rattling – Rattling sounds usually come from loose brake pads, although rattling can also be caused by heat expansion. A qualified mechanic can fix both problems easily.

Grinding – This is the most dangerous sound you can hear from your brake system, and it typically means that your brakes are so badly worn down that there is only a metal backing plate stopping your vehicle when you press the brake pedal. This not only affects your ability to stop, but also causes damage to other parts of your brake system.

If you’re hearing squealing, scraping, rattling, or grinding from your car’s brakes, come into Brake Works today. Our San Antonio brake repair experts can evaluate the issue and recommend an appropriate, cost-effective fix. Remember that the longer you leave brake problems unresolved, the more dangerous it becomes to drive your car, and the more damage can be done to your vehicle’s systems. To avoid unnecessary costs and dangers, have any brake sounds checked out as soon as possible.