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Suspension Repair San Antonio – 4 Warning Signs

Suspension problems are among the most dangerous issues your car can have, since they affect your ability to control your vehicle. If not fixed quickly, they could cause you to veer off the road, render you unable to stop or turn, or even lead to a dangerous wreck or collision.

Fortunately, as long-time providers of suspension repair in San Antonio, we at Brake Works know how to identify these dangerous problems early on. To help you recognize them and stay safe behind the wheel, we've gathered the most common signs to watch for:

1.     The car drifts. If your car starts to drift or pull when you turn, this is a sign of a suspension problem. It also increases your risk of rollover, so it's vital to get it looked at before it's too late.

2.     It dips when you stop. Does your car lunge, lurch or dip forward when you stop? This is a red flag that your shocks have worn out and your suspension needs to be looked at ASAP. This issue can prevent you from stopping quickly, which could mean bad news if you ever need to avoid a collision.

3.     Your tread is uneven. When the suspension system is working properly, your tires should wear down evenly. If you look at them and see one is more worn than the other, this is a telltale sign that something's wrong.

4.     It rides rough. Do you feel every single little dip in the road? Does it bounce when you go over the most minor bumps? This could mean your shocks or struts are worn. You'll want to get it evaluated as soon as possible.

Have you noticed any of these signs while driving your vehicle? Then you may be in need of suspension repair. Stop by a Brake Works location today for help. We have over two decades of experience, offering brake and suspension repair in San Antonio since 1989.