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The Best San Antonio’s Car AC Repair Shop: Brake Works Is Here for You

Brake Works is the best San Antonio's car AC repair shop hands-down if you're looking for quality service at an affordable price. Our skilled technicians will solve your air-conditioning issues faster than you can say, "South Texas sure is hot!" Call us today to set up an appointment or simply drop by our location.

In this blog, we're always happy to give our readers handy tips on maintaining their vehicles. This month, we'd like to talk about what can go wrong with your AC system during the summer. Get in touch with us right away if you notice any of these problems.

Poor Airflow: Likely Causes
* Loose or damaged blower unit hose.
* Damaged or inoperative ventilation fan.
* Worn or damaged seals.
* Dirt, mold, or mildew in the evaporator coil.

Insufficiently Cold Air: Likely Causes
* Failed air conditioning compressor.
* Failed evaporator or condenser.
* Failed electrical components (switches, solenoid, relay, fuse, etc.).
* Failed seal.

What to Do If Your Car's AC Fails
We could hardly call ourselves the premier San Antonio's car AC repair shop if we didn't suggest a few ways to self-diagnose your air-conditioning problems! So, here are three simple steps you can take to find the underlying cause of the issue. Please do not attempt repairs yourself unless you possess the necessary knowledge and tools.

1. Check the air intake vent under your hood for obstructions.
2. Check your air-conditioning compressor belt to see if it is broken or damaged.
3. Check your fuses to see if one of them has blown.

Let the technicians at Brake Works know if you spot any of these issues. Doing so can help us repair the underlying problem faster.

Three Reasons to Choose Brake Works
1. We service all makes and models of vehicles. This means we can save you the hassle and expense of going to the dealer.
2. We're a well-established San Antonio business with a reputation for dependability and great customer service.
3. We provide a clean, comfortable lounge to enjoy while you're waiting on your vehicle.

Visit Brake Works today, and find out for yourself why we're the best San Antonio's car AC repair shop. We can help you keep your cool for less.