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The Best Suspension Repairs in San Antonio

Brake Works has the best suspension repairs in San Antonio. Our techs have the training and experience needed to maintain and repair every aspect of your vehicle’s suspension system. Drop by one of our locations today for a diagnosis of your issue and a free quote.

Typical Suspension Issues to Watch Out For

Your auto’s suspension system is vital to its safety and performance. But not all suspension-related problems are obvious to the untrained observer. Here are a few warning signs that indicate a trip to Brake Works is in order:

• A sense that your car is “bottoming out” on curves. This can indicate problems with shocks and/or struts. It can also compromise your safety on the road.
• A clacking or tapping sound when you steer. This is a classic sign that the struts are about to fail, requiring immediate suspension repairs in San Antonio.
• A bouncy or jarring ride, particularly when going through dips or traveling on rough roads. Left unrepaired, these problems can cause major damage to your vehicle, not to mention your nerves.
• A feeling that the steering wheel is pulling to one side while driving on straight roads. This usually indicates suspension system misalignment, a problem that can destroy your tires if not corrected.
• Wheels bouncing or shaking when the vehicle is in motion. The usual cause of this problem is unbalanced wheels, an issue which can damage your vehicle’s suspension system.
• Unusual or excessive wear patterns on your tires. Be especially concerned about cross-wear patterns, “cupping,” excessive wear along the edges, and other sure signs that the suspension system is in trouble.

Don’t gamble with your vehicles’ suspension system. The risks are too great. Bring your auto into Brake Works right away, and let us check it out. We offer competitive pricing and guaranteed results on our suspension repairs in San Antonio and other services.