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The Most Common Car Brake Repairs

Your braking system is an irreplaceable part of your vehicle.  After all, if you can’t stop, there’s no point in starting in the first place!  So that you’ll know the warning signs of trouble, here’s a look at the most common car brake repairs.

The master cylinder acts as a reservoir, holding the brake fluid until it’s needed to apply hydraulic pressure to the pads or linings.  But sometimes the cylinder develops a leak.  When it does, you’ll know because the pedal slowly sinks to the floor when you step on it.  Also, your brake light will come on.  This is an important warning sign that you should never neglect.

The brake lines transfer the fluid from the master cylinder, and like the cylinder, they can develop leaks.  Some signs of leaks are reduced brake firmness and streaks of fluid along the lines.  This is a very serious problem that requires immediate attention.

Brake pads or linings are what make vehicles stop by applying pressure against components called rotors, or in some cars, drums.  Over time, pads and linings begin to wear.  When this occurs, you’ll begin to hear a gravely grinding sound each time you apply the brakes.  To avoid causing serious damage to your car, bring it into a brake repair shop as soon as possible after you hear this sound.

Brake calipers hold the pads in place and press them against the rotors when necessary with a component called a piston.  Occasionally, a caliper can either develop leaks or even lock up entirely, making replacement necessary.  As with the other problems mentioned in this article, a malfunctioning caliper should be tended to right away, both for your safety and that of other motorists.

We’ll be the first ones to admit that auto repair can sometimes be expensive.  That’s why we’re currently offering several special discounts on the most commonly needed types of car repair.  Come visit Brake Works soon if your vehicle needs servicing of any kind.