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Visit Your Local AC Mechanic For An Auto Air Conditioning Repair Before The Heat Hits

People in cooler climates might view car air conditioning as a luxury, but those of us in hotter areas of the country know that it is a necessity for keeping your summer commutes bearable, so let your neighborhood AC mechanic perform preventative maintenance and an auto air conditioning repair to keep you cool throughout the summer. Prevention is the least expensive route, so stop by Brake Works as soon as the weather starts to warm up and we will have a quality AC mechanic check your system for problems before they become costly issues. We will also check or flush your coolant, because low levels of old coolant can affect more than just your car’s climate control; coolant plays an important role in overall engine health, and it helps to keep your car from overheating and damaging other components of the system. Early repair is a vital service provided by your local AC mechanic, so if you notice anything wrong with your air conditioner, bring it in right away for an auto air conditioning repair. The following are some problems you should never ignore:

A/C failure – A lack of cool air from the vents is the most obvious sign that your vehicle needs an auto air conditioner repair.  Preventative maintenance and annual checks can keep this from happening in most circumstances, but it can occur if a vital part of the cooling system fails due to age or damage. AC failure comes in a few varieties: if your vents are blowing warm air or air that is only slightly cold even when on the coldest setting, there may be a problem with your condenser or compressor. If air isn’t flowing at all, the issue could lie in your vehicle’s blower motor. The problem could also lie elsewhere within the coolant system. An AC mechanic can diagnose the specific issue and perform the right auto air conditioning repair for your vehicle.

Bad smells – A slight musty odor is common when you first start up the AC for the summer, but it should not persist after the first few occasions. If your AC repeatedly produces unpleasant odors on a regular basis, visit Brake Works for an auto air conditioning repair.  Mold and mildew buildup in the vents might be to blame, or your car may need a new air filter. If the air smells like gasoline or Freon, come in immediately – these smells could indicate a bigger problem than the AC alone.  An AC mechanic can help you avoid both the heat and any unpleasant smells that accompany running your air conditioning unit.

Noises – Hissing noises might indicate that your car needs an auto air conditioning repair, as hissing noises can come from a hose leak or from the compressor itself.  Checking for leaks yourself might prove a difficult task, because the AC system is part of the engine’s overall coolant system. An experienced AC mechanic will know where to look and what to check for before advising you on the best way to get your car’s cold air pumping quietly.

Leaks – Leaking coolant isn’t hard to see due to its vibrant green color, so you’ll know it’s time for an auto air conditioning repair if you notice a puddle of neon green fluid under your vehicle.  Check the radiator to make sure you have enough coolant to make the trip to your nearby AC mechanic. While it may be safe to drive a short distance with a minor leak, making the journey without any fluid at all can damage your car severely. You should be able to see a few inches of coolant in the reservoir under your radiator cap.  If no liquid is visible, call for a tow instead of risking any damage from an overheating engine.

If in doubt, give us a call before driving in. The AC mechanics at Brake Works are experts at helping you make the right decisions to extend your vehicle’s life for years to come.