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Want the Best Brake Service? 4 Types of Mechanics to Avoid

When you’re having brake problems, you want the absolute best brake service possible, right? You don’t want to leave something as crucial as your brakes in the hands of someone unqualified, untrustworthy, or inexperienced.

We understand your worries. To help you get the best brake service possible, we’ve rounded up a list of the top four worst types of mechanics you might encounter. Avoid these, and you’ll have brakes fixed properly and expertly in no time.

The no quotes, no estimates mechanic – If a mechanic refuses to give you a quote or estimate up front, they may try to gouge you on prices later. If you don’t want to end up paying way more than you should, it’s time to find a new mechanic.

The too-busy-for-you mechanic – A good mechanic will take time to discuss with you in detail the problems that your car may be having. They will walk you through what’s wrong, what needs to be done and how he plans to do it. If he doesn’t do that, he either doesn’t know what he’s doing, or he’s going to do a less-than-stellar job.

The problem-pusher mechanic – If you take your car in for brake service, and you get back a whole list of other “repairs” and “fixes” you should make, this should send up a red flag. This mechanic is obviously trying to get as much cash out of you as possible. A good mechanic would complete the job you requested first – and well – and then discuss with you any other repairs they may recommend.

The vague mechanic – A mechanic who’s vague about what needs to be fixed, what parts you need or what something will cost you is hiding something. If they can’t be honest, direct and up-front with you from the beginning, it’s time to find a new shop.

Are you looking for the best brake service around? Then come to Brake Works. Our expert mechanics deliver honest, affordable and quality work every time.