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Warning Signs of Steering Column Problems

Steering column problems are among the most common reasons people bring their vehicles in for servicing.  Here are some signs your steering or suspension systems might be having trouble.

Vibration While Turning

Your wheels are designed to operate as one unit—all balanced and aligned the same way.  When this changes, one of the earliest signs is vibration in the steering wheel or column during turning.  Left uncorrected, this can lead to serious tire or suspension damage.

Unusual Tire Wear

Your tires do far more than just get you where you need to go.  They also act as an “early warning system” for all sorts of automotive problems.  Some of the most common trouble signs include:

Wear on only one part of the tire, such as the inner or outer treads.

Flat spots on an otherwise properly shaped tire.

A “thumping” sound coming from the tires that gets worse as you drive faster.  This may be accompanied by the vehicle shaking or bouncing.

All of these are signs of potential steering column problems.  They should be investigated immediately by a qualified auto technician.

Out-of-the-Ordinary Sounds

One common way this warning sign shows itself is in a “clunking” sound whenever you turn the wheel.  This often indicates problems like worn-out CV joints, an issue that requires immediate attention.

Rough or Bouncy Ride

If you feel like you’re driving on a dirt road all the time, or if your car goes up-and-down constantly as you drive along, the causes could range from misalignment of the wheels to worn shocks.  Once again, these are signs that you need to get your vehicle to Brake Works right away to avoid safety hazards and costly repair bills down the road.

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