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What an AC Mechanic Can Do for Your Car

It's summertime again, and once more the daily highs are reminding us of what that means here in south Texas. Fortunately, we have a marvelous invention called air conditioning to give us relief from the incessant heat. Like all mechanical things, however, any vehicle's climate control system can develop problems over time. If yours isn't working the way it should, then bring it into Brake Works right away for an inspection by a highly qualified AC mechanic. We can usually have your car pumping out crisp, cold air again within a few hours, for a price you can afford.

To give you some idea of what might be causing your cooling problem, let's take a quick look at the major components in your air conditioning system and what they do:

  1. The compressor is the single most important component in the setup. It compresses and circulates a special refrigerant gas that cools the air around it. While many people still use the word "Freon" to refer to this gas, in reality most modern vehicles use a substance called R-134a.
  2. The condenser changes the state of the refrigerant from gas to liquid. It also expels the heat that the AC system removes from your car.
  3. The evaporator transfers the heat from your car to the gas when it's in a cooled state, cooling the inside of the car.
  4. The receiver removes moisture and contaminants from the refrigerant gas.
  5. The expansion valve controls the pressure and flow of the refrigerant gas.
  6. The fan circulates the cooled air throughout the vehicle.

Trouble with any of these parts can cause your AC to function poorly or not at all. When that happens, bring your car into Brake Works; we'll correct the problem and get you back to driving cool and comfortable. Right now we're running a special on air conditioning inspections and tune-ups. All the details are available here.