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What Goes Into a Brake Repair Estimate?

If it’s getting harder to stop your car while driving, it may be time for a brake repair estimate. Don’t let the very thought of taking your vehicle into the shop make you start nervously checking your bank balance. The whole point of an estimate is to let you know what kind of end-cost you might be looking at before we even start working on your vehicle. Allow us to pull back the curtain, open the garage doors, and explain what goes into making your personal brake repair estimate.


Prices for major brake jobs, from small-scale fixes to full replacement of the fixtures depend on your vehicle’s model. New parts from the manufacturer tend to make up the bulk of a brake repair estimate. If these parts seem steep in cost, please remember that it’s not the mechanic’s fault; we are not in the business of price gouging. Solid, stamped metal and perfectly bent piping that fits your car’s initial design just doesn’t come cheaply. Brake fluid itself might not be a hard-wired part, but it is a key component of your system. Think of it like the blood in your brakes’ veins. It needs to be clean and of a specific type. It’s also one of the more expensive automotive fluids. These components are necessary costs to ensure that your car’s brake system is in good shape.


This section of the bill tends to be the most confusing. Unlike a restaurant where you tip based on service you can see, our work happens in a garage and appears to be some kind of strange magic. This fee is based on the amount of work, time, and effort we had to devote to fixing the problem in the best possible way. For instance, let’s say you come in with a leak. You know that it’s brake fluid before you come through the doors. We find the leak in the line. We can plug that leak until you have enough cash to replace the line, or we can replace the line from the get-go. A service fee for patching is going to be much less, but will coincide with a later, larger bill. Your brake repair estimate will feature both options. One of them will be more costly now, but less expensive in the long run.

If you have any questions regarding your brake repair estimate, please feel free to ask. Our mechanics want you and your vehicle to be in good shape after a repair. After all, stopping the forward motion of your vehicle is a rather important safety issue.