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What to Ask Your San Antonio Auto Mechanic Before Handing Over Your Keys

So your “check engine” light comes on, and you take your car to the mechanic down the street. They say they can fix it no problem, and that they’ll call you in a few days when it’s ready.

Hold the phone.

Unless you want to get overcharged, underserved, and taken advantage of, don’t hand over your keys just yet. There are a few things you should ask your San Antonio auto mechanic, before leaving your vehicle—and your keys—in their hands.

Want to make sure your San Antonio auto mechanic gives you only the best possible service? Ask these questions first:

·      What’s the plan? Have them outline exactly what will be fixed and what will be replaced. You need to be sure they know what they’re doing and that they have a plan before they start to work.

·      How much will it cost? Get an estimate for each and every part of the service: the labor, the parts, the fluids, etc. You need to see a breakdown of all of the costs before signing off on the repairs.

·      Can I get that in writing? Get the repairs and their associated costs in writing first. Then, if you’re hit with surprise charges later on, you have some evidence to back you up.

·      What exactly is wrong? Ask the mechanic to walk you through everything that’s wrong with your vehicle. If they can’t do that, they probably aren’t very experienced or they’re trying to sneak in unnecessary repairs and costs without you noticing.

·      Can you call me if anything changes? Sometimes, mechanics won’t know there’s another problem until they start working. This can add extra costs and overall delay the repairs. Make sure your mechanic agrees to call you before changing the plan on the spot; you need to approve not only the repairs, but also the costs associated with them before they move forward.

Before you leave your vehicle with a new San Antonio auto mechanic, make sure you ask them these important questions. Have a problem with your car? Stop by Brake Works today, and let us help.