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What To Consider When Looking For Brake Service Shops

Finding the best brake service shops in your area gives you access to quality mechanics who will work on your vehicle properly to keep it safe and functional, and shops such as Brake Works can help you with more than just brake jobs. To find the best brake service shops in your area that can work on all of your vehicle’s needs, follow the advice discussed below. 

Customer service is one of the easiest ways to find good brake service shops, and if the shop values your business and the employees are polite to you, it is likely that they will be more inclined to value your car’s health too in order to keep you as a customer. Test for this important quality by giving the shop a call. The person on the other end of the line should be polite and informative, and they should never make you feel bad about a lack of mechanical knowledge. Ask about certifications to make sure that the mechanics handling your vehicle have the qualifications to do so. The best brake service shops employ mechanics who are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (NIASE). Mechanics that pass this test have the knowledge necessary to provide excellent service to your vehicle, and they have experience diagnosing problems quickly and fixing them correctly.

If the initial phone call goes well and the mechanics are certified, drive by the shop for a visual test. Does the place look well kept? It doesn’t have to be immaculately clean, but it should be tidy and organized and have a comfortable waiting area. These are signs of how the business is run; a cleaner shop shows that the employees take pride in their workplace and in the work they do. Look at the employees themselves too. Remember that grease and oil are part of the job, so don’t judge a shop too harshly by blackened hands or a few smears on the uniform of someone who is lying under a vehicle, but the employees should not look sloppy. Some stains from working with automotive fluids is one thing; looking like the uniform hasn’t been washed in a month is another.

Offering loaner cars or rides is another feature of quality brake service shops. Having a car in the shop is inconvenient, but it doesn’t have to interfere with the rest of your life. Shops that offer to take you to work or loan you a vehicle are likely to be attentive to your needs, and this also allows the shop to take the time they need to do the job correctly, since they won’t feel pressured to rush your car’s repairs. Mechanical work should be prompt but not carelessly hasty.

Pricing is another indicator of good brake service shops. The ideal price should not be too low or too high. While low prices may be appealing, they often indicate sub-par parts or unregistered mechanics. Overcharging is unnecessary and a sign of bad business. Look for a shop with moderate pricing, perhaps slightly on the lower end. If you’re not sure how much something should cost, ask the shop for details and use the Internet to look up the retail price of parts for verification. A small up-charge over retail is to be expected so that the shop can pay its bills, but it should not be ridiculous. Your mechanic should also be able to explain the bill and offer you some options to stay within your budget.

Communication is one of the best signs of a good shop. Good brake service shops will talk to you about why a repair needs to be done and what goes into the cost, and then give you an expected price for the repair. Brake Works offers free estimates, and we will explain the details and your options before beginning work. If your car requires large-scale repairs we will let you know how long we expect the job to take, keep you posted regarding progress, and work hard to get your car back to you as soon as possible.