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Why Auto Exhausts Are Important

Auto exhausts, also known as mufflers, are a crucial component of any vehicle because they remove gases from the engine and release them into the outside air. This helps to keep the engine cool and ensures that the car is safe to operate. While auto exhausts may look like a minor part of the car’s exhaust system, they are incredibly important to the safety and operation of your vehicle. Exhausts can often develop leaks, especially in areas that are constantly expanding and contracting, and these leaks can allow dangerous gases and toxins to build up in the engine and interior of your car, making you feel lightheaded, causing you to pass out, or causing major health problems or death.

A malfunctioning exhaust can also cause the converter to overheat, which can lead to blockages in the system. Over time, this can cause serious engine damage that will be extremely expensive to repair. Additionally, exhausts are directly tied to your car’s fuel economy. If your exhaust isn’t working properly, you will need to refuel more often than usual, which can get expensive quickly. For these reasons, keeping auto exhausts in top condition is a crucial part of car ownership. If you are not sure how to care for your muffler and exhaust system on your own, have a licensed professional perform a full evaluation at least once a year. Your car may not pass a state inspection if this system is not functioning properly.

Need Help with Auto Exhausts?
If you’ve noticed your car overheating, emitting more gases than usual, or going through more fuel than it normally does, you may have a problem with your exhaust system. Come to a San Antonio Brake Works location today, where we will evaluate your exhaust system and make any necessary repairs quickly and affordably.