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Why You Should Never Put Off Car Brake Replacement

The price of car brake replacement pales in comparison to the costs of ignoring this vital part of auto maintenance.  Delaying brake work could easily result in any or all of the following consequences:

1.     Higher repair bills – your brakes are designed to warn you when they’re going bad.  One of the most common signs that they need work is a grinding sign whenever you step on the pedal.  This usually means that the pads have become dangerously thin.  However, failing brakes can cause other problems, ranging from reduced stopping power to complete failure of the system.  These issues almost always become more expensive to fix as time goes on, turning what might cost $100 into a problem that sets you back $1,000.

2.     Injury or death – whether to yourself or to others, the consequences of ignoring brake problems can include injuries, disfigurement, and even death.  Each year, over 30,000 Americans die in vehicle wrecks.  A significant portion of those tragedies are due to faulty brakes.  Whether you, other drivers, or both fall victim, the blame for the incident will rest squarely on your shoulders.  That leads directly to the third consequence.

3.     Legal trouble – as this story points out, the results of ignoring brake issues can plague you for the rest of your life.  Law firms are constantly looking for cases in which brakes were at fault.  Just Google the term “faulty brakes” and see how many results for attorney offices pop up.  Drivers who are negligent about maintaining their brakes are subject to more than lawsuits.  They can also face criminal prosecution, with penalties including years in prison for their irresponsibility.

As you can see, car brake replacement or repairs should never be put off.  If you’re having problems stopping your vehicle or are hearing warning sounds, bring it into Brake Works right away.  Our prices are fair and our service can’t be beat!